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Indomeda International.PT

All of us typically realize the changes of modern society life style especially in interior domain. It has become such an important requirement in conceiving comfortable interior atmosphere by harmonizing between aesthetic and functional value.
Comfortable and interesting interior will affect one’s creativity and spirit of work and life. On the contrary, uncomfortable interior tend to decrease one’s productivity as a result of uncomfortable feeling. Pleasant and comfortable interior thus encourage one to spend more time either in his office, hotel (being home away from home) and his residence.

Based on that demand, several professionals who are concerned about interior contribute their expertise and creativity then unify them into an integrated efficient concept, so in 1996 PT INDOMEDA CITRA ANUGERAH INTERNATIONAL was founded. Along the way, later in 2002 the company changed its identity as PT. INDOMEDA INTERNATIONAL, or known as INDOMEDA.

Our office being located at Rukan Taman Meruya Blok M 35 at the West area of Jakarta, INDOMEDA is supported by qualified human resources in design, administration and production to achieve our goal and purpose.
Field workers, equipments, and machines play an important part in producing goods of quality and prestige. The management arranged those points above into an efficient and proper workshop at the vicinity of Pasar Kemis Industrial Estate. In a land of 3575 m2 INDOMEDA’s wood working is produced using the finest material to suit international quality standard.

Starting from an initial order from DAIKO ELECTRIC CO. LTD, Osaka - Japan, where we were chosen to produce decorative lighting components, we have then extended our service not only focusing in Interior and Furniture but also in art work and decorative lighting made of stones, wood, brass, bronze, copper, and aluminum that still relates to our achievement in creating comfortable interior atmosphere.

INDOMEDA takes pride in contributing ideas for Hotels, Restaurants, Offices, Commercial outlets, Apartments and Residences. Besides local clients, globally we have expanded our market all the way to Korea, Mauritius, United States and to the exotic island of Maldives.

Thus on the spirit to take a leap forward, it is our strong desire to strive for a better value by improving quality and service. To prove that our product of quality, affordable price, and accurate delivery time are not just words of promises.

For further information,please contact us :


Rukan Taman Meruya blok M-35

Jl.Taman Meruya Raya

Jakarta Barat

Tlp (021) 586 1168

Fax(021) 586 1169

Email :
url : http// (under construction )

Contact Person :

· Djatmiko Wibowo (President Director) 0817 0033747

· Gunawan Sunarja (Operational Director ) 0818 0654 6288

· Ferdy Setiadi (Client Advisor) 0818 948707
Email :

Project on Progress:

  • Merlynn Park Hotel
    Jl.KH.Hasyim Ashari Jakarta

  • Excelso Cafe,Emporium Pluit Jakarta

  • etc.